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Inoculation Tanks

Patriot Inoculation Tanks offer a reliable and economical way to apply chemicals to seed. Our treatment delivery systems supply a calibrated, pressurized flow of treatment to the spray tips.
Our inoculation tanks have a 14” wide stream of seed up to 1 ½” thick, inoculating up to 10 units per minute, flowing through a 3 tiered bean ladder with chemical being applied on every tier. This allows for complete and even coverage of the chemicals being applied. Inoculation rates can vary from 3 to 10 units per minute depending on the coverage needed.


General Features:

Spray configurations to allow multiple chemical applications
Enclosed spray system (with wind guards) and multiple tips
Fits over virtually all conveyors
Both seed flow and chemical flow is easily regulated
Many sizes to choose from
Units designed to accept seed boxes and/or seed bags

Single Box Hopper (100 Units)
Box Over Box Platform (50 Units)
Single Box Platform (50 Units)
Double Box Hopper (200 Units)
110 Volt or 12 Volt
Multiple spray systems available
Interior bean ladders
Letdown ladders for your conveyor
NTEP certified scales
Ladders and catwalks
100-unit-innoculator.jpgWEB Single Box Hopper
Holds 100 Units of seed
(50 units in the hopper and 50 units in the box)

Single Box Platform
Holds 50 Units of seed in the box
BoxOverBoxWEB Box Over Box Platform
Holds 50 Units of seed in the box
DoubleBoxHopperWEBDouble Box Hopper
Holds 200 Units of seed (100 Units in the hopper and 100 units in the boxes)
DualChemicalSpraySystemWEBDual Chemical Spray System
This allows two chemicals such as an inoculation and a fungicide to be applied simultaneously. The third tank is a rinse tank.
SingleBoxPlatformWEBSingle Chemical Spray System
This allows one chemical such as an inoculating or fungicide to be applied. The second tank is a rinse tank.
AdjustableSeedGateWEBAdjustable Seed Gate
Adjustable height with stops to ensure repeatability
AdjustableSeedGateWEBSpray Bean Ladder
Shown with wind cover remover on near side
bean-ladder1.jpgWEBLetdown Ladder
Separates beans as they fall into the tender
Rigid Bag Handler
56″ TallRigidBagHandlerBackSideGraphicWEBRigidBagHandlerBackSideWEBRigid Bag Handler