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Planter Mounted Weight Brackets

JD 1720 Planter Weight Bracket   WB1100    (Below)
Available for John Deere 1720 Stack Folder Planter.
Weight: Approximately 75 Lbs.
Height: 25″
These brackets can hold up to six weights, each weighing 100-150 Lbs.


John Deere D 12 & 16 Row 1770 & 1775 Planter Weight Bracket (Below)
Attaches to the marker attachment point
Uses all John Deere suitcase style weights

Universal Weight Bracket    WB1000   (Below)
Fits 7″ x 7″ bar
Can be placed between row units
Note the width












Monosem NG+  WB 1200        (Below)
Narrow Transport Planter Weight Bracket
Attaches on end of the bar where markers would normally attach.
Uses new CASE IH weights  (up to five)
CASE  45  Weight Bracket    WB1150  (Below)

Also available for CASE IH Models WD1504, WD2104 and WD2504