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Bale Feeders

Our Patriot Bale Feeder wagons have fully suspended bale cradles that are easier to clean out and are sturdier than floor welded models. We build them with a telescoping tongue for easy hookup, towing and storage.

40’ -14 Ton Capacity   67 Openings   6-7 Bale Capacity
32’ -10 Ton Capacity   55 Openings   5-6 Bale Capacity
24’ -10 Ton Capacity   43 Openings   4-5 Bale Capacity
20’-7 Ton Capacity     37 Openings   3-4 Bale Capacity
16’ -7 Ton Capacity     30 Openings   2-3 Bale Capacity BaleFeederWhiteBackgroundTiny

Also, 3,500 Lb. spindles are standard on all Patriot feeders. We build them with heavy 12 gauge  pans. They come standard with used 235/16 truck tires, however new 9.     50 15” 8 ply implement tires or 235/80R16 tires are optional.

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