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Stubble Crusher

Save your tires from today’s tough corn and bean stalks
Patriot Equipment has developed this simple yet rugged design to cost effectively save excessive tire wear and damage by simply pushing the stalk forward.




Stubble Crusher Information:
128” (for 30” Row Machines)
152” (for 36” Row Machines)
CUP 240” (Custom up to 240”)

Shoe widths available: 20” 32” 38”
Stubble Crushers are available for most makes and models of tractors and no drilling or welding is required. The mounting plate bolts directly behind the weight bracket.

The simple skid shoe is heavy duty ten gauge stainless steel.
Our unique hinge design allows you to hydraulically fold the bar and skid shoes up easily for obstacles or transport.

Parking stands allow for easy removal and storage.

Save costly tires and tracks from stubble damage!
Flexible torsion springs
Made to mount on virtually any tractor
4×4 main tube
No drilling or welding required
Four sets of stainless steel long-life shoes
Adaptable mounting brackets for different tire sizes
20″ 32″ and 38″ shoes