Crop Crimper

The Crop Crimper is designed to kink cover crops, such as cereal rye, in order to terminate or kill it before planting the main cash crop.

24 Series Crop Crimper

This style includes a drum that is 16″ in diameter with ten 4″ long blades that can be mounted on the front or rear of a tractor.

  • Available Models:
    • 2410 – 10′ Long Drum – $5,499
    • 2416 – 16′ Long Drum – $7,499
    • 2420 – 20′ Long Drum – $7,699
  • 16″ Diameter Main Tube
  • 10 Curved Blades 4″ Long
  • Category Three Three-Point Hitch
  • 5″x7″x3/8″ and 4″x4″x1/4″ Frame
  • Jack Stands
  • Fillible Drum

Curved Blades

The curved, chevron design of the blades keep the drum from bouncing as you pull it behind the tractor.


Patriot Crop Crimper can hook up to any tractor with a category two or three three-point hitch.

Jack Stands

Jack Stands allow you to store your crop crimper when not using it.

fillable Tank

For extra weight you can fill the drum with up to 84 pounds per foot of water.

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