Seed Tender White Background

Seed Equipment

For over 30 years we have produced equipment that helps farmers handle seed quickly and easily.

Creep Feeder White Background

Livestock Equipment

Check out our six different livestock product lines: creep feeders, gravity tenders, bale feeders, fence line feeders, bunk feeders, and bale transporters.

Helicopter Tanks Mounted On John Deere

Fertilizer Equipment

Make it possible to deliver liquid fertilizer efficiently with our fertilizer equipment. Use our configurator to find the perfect tanks for you, with pricing.

Steel Crop Sweeper

Down Corn Equipment

Our down corn equipment can get you through harvest when things get tough. Use our configurator to help you find the equipment that best fits your needs, with pricing.

H Class Head Trailer With White Background

Combine Header Trailers

Need a place to store your combine head? Patriot head trailers make moving and storing your combine head easy.

Pivot Bridge White Background

Pivot Bridges

Built to last, our pivot bridges can help you get over any ditch up to 140'.

Pivot Track Closer White Background

Pivot Track Closers

Designed to level and condition pivot tracks to make the ride smoother in today's high speed tractors.

Stubble Crusher Mounted

Stubble Crushers

Save your tires from today's tough corn and bean stalks with one of our shoe or roller style Stubble Crushers.

Cover crop roller crimpers

The Patriot Crop Crimper Kinks the cover crop in order to kill it prior to planting the main cash crop.

Small Bale Loader

Bale Caddie

Make baling small bales a one man job with the Patriot Bale Caddie which stacks square bales into groups of 12.

Folding Tool Bar


For years we have helped farmers create custom tool bars that are reliable and affordable.

Planter Mounted Weight Bracket

Planter Mounted Weight Brackets

If you are having trouble keeping your planter in the ground Patriot Planter Mounted Weight Brackets will add the extra weight you need.

Tractor Auger

Tractor Augers

Patriot Tractor Augers allow you to fill trucks from grain in flat storage, or an outside pile. A thrower can also be added to create large grain piles.

Pit Pump

Water Pumps

Our water pumps allow you to move large amounts of water for irrigation, dewatering industrial sites, or flood control.

Mounted Tractor Cab Organizer

Tractor Cab Organizer

Add a little more space to the place where you spend the majority of your day with our tractor cab organizers.

City Bench


Built completely out of metal, and completely customizable, can be placed knowing they can be enjoyed for decades to come.

Minden Metal Sign


Our custom signs cater to your specific needs. Perfect for fundraising or local booster clubs.

Wall Art

Cut on a 5k fiber laser, our metal wall art can be customized to anything needed. Each one is a great gift for any occasion.

Welder Throwing Sparks

Custom Manufacturing And Repair

Custom Manufacturing is where we began and we will continue to provide solutions to everyday problems.

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