Creep Feeder White Background

Creep Feeders

Our oldest product, with its innovative spring loaded coral gates and jack assisted feed gates, has helped feed livestock across the country.

Three Ton Gravity Tender White Background

Gravity Tenders

Patriot Gravity Tenders make bucket feeding or filling bunks easy with their all smooth underbelly.

Cake Feeder On Flatbed

Cake Feeders

Disperse cake feed in lines or piles with the patriot cake feeders.

Bale Feeder Wagon White Background

Bale Feeder Wagons

Feeding large amounts of livestock with bales is easy with our bale feeders. With lengths up to 40' our feeders are built tough and easy to move.

Adjustable Fence Line Feeder

Fence Line Feeders

If you have an existing fence line or are planning on putting one up, our fence line feeders can be added straight into the fence line and allow you to fill them from ouside the fence.

Bunk Feeder With White Background

Bunk Feeders

Patriot Bunk Feeders come with a retractable tongue and easy our shoes for easy hookup and mobility.

Eight Bale Transporter

Bale Transporters

The Patriot Bale Transporters are a great alternative to a traditional trailer. They can be pulled behind both a pickup or a tractor and can be purchased with a trolley front end.

Bale Unroller

Bale Unroller

Whether you are using it to move bales, or unroll them, Patriot Bale Unrollers make it a breeze. Built strong yet affordable, our bale unrollers fit both 4′ and 5′ bales.

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