Patriot Toolbars are built customized to your needs and have been used for, but are not limited to,  fertilizer bars, strip till bars, planter bars, cultivator bars, tiller bars, and side dress bars. We make both folding and non folding bars that can be hooked up using a three point (Up To 41′) or a pull type hitch (Up To 60′).

Tool Bars

Patriot Toolbars are built tough to withstand the everyday beating that equipment can take in the field. All our toolbars are painted black with a two part epoxy primer and polyurethane paint.

  • Gauge Wheels
  • Lift wheels
  • Pinch Wheels
  • Bell Wheels
  • Flow Monitor Brackets
  • Ammonia Breakaway Brackets
  • Single And Double Bar Nurse Tank Hitch
  • Fertilizer Tanks
  • Offset Brackets

Depth Control

All of our wheels come with mounting brackets, but additional adapter bracket might be needed. They include 3,500 Lb spindles (Bell Wheels Use Bearings) that can be adjusted in and out, new 9.5L 15 – 8 ply tires, and 6 on 6 agricultural rims. Piston pump brackets are an available option for all but the bell wheels.

Gauge Wheels

Gauge wheels allow you to set your depth on your tool bar. Adjustments can be made using a turn buckle to raise and lower the wheel.

Lift Wheels

Lift wheels take the stress off your tractor by holding some of the load. If your tool bar is large, gauge lift wheels might be needed. Lift wheels are ran hydraulically.​

Pinch Wheels

Pinch wheels keep your bar centered over the rows by “pinching” the row from either side. Adjustments can be made using a turn buckle to raise and lower the wheels

Bell Wheels

Bell Wheels are used the same way a pinch wheel is except they use a steel wheel and set directly between rows pushing out. Bell wheels are ran hydraulically.

Applying Liquid Fertilizer?

Pair your bar with our tool bar mounted tanks or helicopter tanks for maximum capacity when applying liquid fertilizer.

Questions About Our Pivot Tool Bars?
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